he was originally a dayshift security guard, but since hiring frank, he was transferred to phone and receptionist duty.

age: 22

eyes and mouth: none, his face is glasses

likes: latex piss dungeon (metal band), fireflies, conspiracy theories, documentaries

leitmotif color: red

dislikes: rich people, when BB yells at him, doing the dishes

DIAL-UP is the tired working class. he is a timid man, and cannot speak because he does not have a mouth. he can somehow telepathically communicate with people, or maybe he's talking. who knows.
he likes to get a slushie after work on warm summer days.

when more-eece's mother drops them off at the daycare, DIAL-UP looks after them. reece often stays behind the counter out of sight doing random things to pass the time. the phones are slow, so it's fine.

DIAL-UP predates frank's tip jar. originally, the comic i was going to make was going to be a choose-your-own-adventure/poll style twitter comic, but i gave up early in.
SCHMUCK'S PIZZA CORP. (formerly schmucky cheese, but they got into a lawsuit so they had to change it) (which was me changing it so i dont get sued in real life) is still
the same pizzeria from DIAL-UP's comic. his comic was called "DIAL-UP's DAILY ADVENTURES as a SCHMUCKY CHEESE DAYSHIFT SECURITY GUARD." and was going to center around him
and the insane patrons of the restaurant. his design is loosely based on how i used to draw myself. his comic was started in maybe, like, may of 2020. ended sometime in june
out of my laziness. MORE-EECE (or reece) is also from his comic. below are some VINTAGE DRAWINGS! of DIAL-UP.